Emergency Exit Project at UNTSO HQs, Government House, Jerusalem.


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Дата публикации: 13-04-2017
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Emergency Exit Project at UNTSO HQs, Government House, Jerusalem.
United Nations Secretariat
04-May-2017 00:00
The United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) is seeking for qualified vendors for the provision of Works related to the Emergency Exit Project at UNTSO HQs, Governement House in Jerusalem. The intent of this proposed project is to deliver/install the following: 1 - Emergency exits at every floor of the building in a specific and convenient locations, 2 - Exterior emergency staircase for all the floors excluding the roof deck, 3 - Elevator for handicapped use. 4 - Repartitioning works for the offices and the facilities to enhance the functionality of the building. 5 - Interior finishing works to preserve the historical value of the building. Companies interested in receiving the solicitation documents are requested to submit a written Expression of Interest (EOI) to include the following: a. Company’s Profile; b. Financial statement demonstrating sufficient financial solidity to enter into contract with then United Nations; c. Reference List of current or previous service contracts on similar services, in sufficient details to allow UNTSO to consider your firm for the receipt of the solicitation. UNTSO will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly and accordingly intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to those companies who express their interest and provide initial relevant information demonstrating their ability to fulfill UNTSO"s requirements. Please note that this request for EOI is not an invitation for submission of a proposal. UNTSO reserves the right in selecting the invitees for the competitive bidding based on substantial and proven records of performance in the subject field of activities and mere submission of an EOI would not automatically warrant receipt of the RFP documents. UNTSO reserves the right to reject EOIs received after the above deadline. The expression of interest may be submitted by mail or facsimile clearly marked with the inscription “Expression of Interest (EOI) – Emergency Exit Project at UNTSO HQs, Government House, Jerusalem, not later than 04 May 2017. Chief Procurement Officer UNTSO HQ Armon Hanatsiv P.O.Box 490 Jerusalem 9100401
Michael Williams, DCPO.
Michael Williams, DCPO.
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