Treatment of Contaminated Soil, Improvement of the Old Fuel Station Area and Other Miscellaneous ...


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Treatment of Contaminated Soil, Improvement of the Old Fuel Station Area and Other Miscellaneous ...
United Nations Secretariat
01-Jun-2017 00:00
I. The United Nations Truce Supervision Organization - Procurement and Engineering and Building Management Section (UNTSO/EBMS) is seeking for a Company/Contractor capable to execute UNTSO"s Project related to the Treatment of Contaminated Soil, Improvement of the Old Fuel Station Area and Other Miscellaneous Works at UNTSO HQ, Jerusalem II. PROJECT INTENT 1. Properly treat contaminated soil due to fuel/oil spills along the Old Fuel Station at the used oil tank area 2. Strengthen the existing retaining wall at Old Fuel Station 3. Create an outdoor sitting area - emphasize the character of a Government House area by enhancing the leftover spaces and create a ‘sense of place’ in the compound. 4. Construct concrete containment pads for existing fuel, oil and used oil storage tanks 5. Other miscellaneous works Interested companies should have institutional capabilities as well as proof that they have been providing similar goods and services at least during the past five (5) years. A minimum of 5 years of related experience is mandatory; must be able to provide list of previous projects similar in nature to this proposed project accompanied with reference letters from previous clients (with the name of contact person and contact number(s)). Prospective vendors must be able to attend the mandatory site visit and confirm its familiarity with the site condition and the overall requirements of the project. Project shall be completed within 75 calendar days or earlier reckoned from the date of issuance of the Notice to Proceed. (Preference may be given to the one who could offer a shorter project duration.) Works to be implemented: 1.01 Excavation and storing of contaminated soil 1.01.1 Backfilling of excavated portions 1.02 Cleaning of oil spills on wall retaining structure 2. Treatment of contaminated soil At the Old Fuel Station, old existing fuel tanks (1 fuel tank of 12,000 li capacity and 1 fuel tank of 8,000 li capacity) are found to be still structurally in-tack with no possibility of fuel leaks. As of this period, about 300 liters of fuel remain in each tank for almost four years now since those tanks were abandoned. It was found out however that there are superficial contamination at the surrounding area and on soil accumulated inside the concrete containment pool with an estimated volume of about six cubic meter. While at the used oil tank area, as the used oil tank has no confinement pad, recently, there was an incident of excess amount of used oil that overflowed from the tank that contaminated the immediate surrounding soil with an estimated volume of about four cubic meter. Furthermore, few meters from this used oil tank (behind the Transport Workshop), there are also signs of used oil contamination on the soil of about five cu.m. And on benches of retaining wall structure. Proposed treatment for those contaminated soil shall be to lock or confine it inside the abandoned fuel tanks at the old fuel station. General Notes: • Portions to be excavated shall be identified on ground by UNTSO Engineer. • Depth of excavation shall be dependent on the depth of ground penetration of the contaminant, to be identified/confirmed by UNTSO Engineer during actual work execution. • All excavated/contaminated soil shall be stored inside the abandoned fuel tanks. • Filling of excavated/contaminated inside the tank storage shall be done in layers of not more than 30cm and every layer shall be leveled and compacted using tamping rammer machine. • Emptying of the abandoned tanks shall be done by UNTSO. • Final cost for excavation and filling works shall be based on the actual in-situ volume of soil. • Excavated portion shall be backfilled as follows: o Use garden soil to backfill excavated portion adjacent to the old fuel station up to the original grade level o Use base course material (compacted) to backfill-excavated portion at the used oil tank area up to bottom of proposed confinement pad and at the portion behind Transport Workshop up to original grade level. • Clean oil spills at the benches and concrete trenches along the retaining wall structure as follows: o Absorb oil spills using sufficient amount of clay soil o Store used clay soil inside the abandoned fuel tanks o Clean concrete surface using pressure cleaner with commercial black soap and water Works to be implemented: 2.01 Excavation and storing of contaminated soil 2.02 Backfilling of excavated portions 2.03 Cleaning of oil spills on wall retaining structure 3. Improvement of the old fuel station area The proposed improvement works intends to strengthen the existing rip-rapped retaining wall and to create an outdoor sitting area at the old fuel station. The work items to be performed shall be inclusive of all preliminary/preparatory works/activities such as but not limited to the following: • Site clearing • Provision of protection on existing utilities • Hauling-out of unusable demolished materials • Hauling-out of debris • Provision of necessary protection including but not limited to temporary board-up, barricades and other protection to prevent injury to people and damage to adjacent building and facilities. • Site lay-out survey; establishment of vertical and horizontal controls 4. This project shall also include demolition works, various repairs, concrete works and miscellaneous works related to the Construction of fuel/oil spills containment pads etc. ================================================================ Companies interested in receiving the solicitation documents are requested to submit a written Expression of Interest (EOI) to include the following: a. Company’s Profile; b. Financial statement demonstrating sufficient financial solidity to enter into contract with then United Nations; c. Reference List of current or previous service contracts on similar services, in sufficient details to allow UNTSO to consider your firm for the receipt of the solicitation. UNTSO will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly and accordingly intends to issue an Invitation to Bid (ITB) to those companies who would express their interest and provide initial relevant information demonstrating their ability to fulfill UNTSO"s requirements. A detailed Scope of Works (SOW) will be provided to companies short listed for receipt of the ITB documents. Please note that this request for EOI is not an invitation for submission of a bid. UNTSO reserves the right in selecting the invitees for the competitive bidding based on substantial and proven records of performance in the subject field of activities and mere submission of an EOI would not automatically warrant receipt of the ITB documents. UNTSO reserves the right to reject EOIs received after the above deadline. The expression of interest may be submitted by mail or facsimile clearly marked with the inscription “Expression of Interest (EOI) – Treatment of Contaminated Soil, Improvement of the Old Fuel Station Area and Other Miscellaneous Works at UNTSO HQ, Jerusalem, addressed as follows to be received not later than 01 June 2017. Chief Procurement Officer UNTSO HQ ARMON HA-NATSIV P.O.BOX 490 Jerusalem 9100401
Minda Graniewitz
Minda Graniewitz
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